5 Ways to Decorate with Window Glass Tinting

Window tinting has been identified having a wide range of benefits, helping to increase its popularity and acceptance among businesses and homeowners. Many people see window tinting as a way 

window tint stained glass

of cutting down on the cost of heating and cooling, as well as offering a form of protection to their home windows. However, it is worth noting that window tinting offers a lot more than what has been identified above. There is also a decorative aspect of window tinting that most people tend to overlook. 

Tinting has evolved in recent times, as it is now available in a wide range of colors, as opposed to the earlier days when it came in only one or two colors. Tinting films now come in different textures, patterns, colors, providing users with a plethora of options. This ensures that users are protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and heat while making their home look more attractive.

Some of the ways of decorating the home using window glass tinting are highlighted below.

  • Use Etched Glass to create a Timeless Look

Etched glass is commonly seen on older homes, making the entire window and the home to look a bit more upscale. Ordinarily, etching is done onto the glass directly. However, tinting film can help in creating a similar look without having to etch into the windows. The way the etching designs are done is dependent on the homeowner. You can decide to have the designs regulated to primarily the edges of the window. You can also choose a patterned etch, usually done in the center of the window glass. The designs can either be done in a traditional white on a clear color scheme or you can take advantage of technological advancements in filmmaking, choosing a film that has an etched glass feel.

  • Affordable Stained Glass Look

Stained glass remains one of the most attractive window treatments, and it has become increasingly popular in recent times. Being an artwork, the cost of replacing a window with stained glass can be steep. This is particularly true if you intend having that look for a large main window.

Thanks to tinting, however, you do not have to fret about costs, as it provides a significantly affordable option. It is possible to design the tint films to have the look of traditional stained glass without requiring you to break the bank.

  • Floral Pattern for Front Windows

Decorating with flowers seems to be a trend that will never become obsolete. This might be due to the fact that flowers are a cultural symbol of welcoming and affection. Window tinting has consequently tapped into this option, offering a wide variety of film patterns that feature different floral themes.

These floral patterns range from something bold and eye-catching like flowers being a central focus point or taking up the entire window to something a bit more subtle like simple falling petals or flower borders.

  • Frosted Glass for improved Privacy

People tend to frost their bathroom windows, particularly if the windows are low on the wall. However, frosted glass can help in increasing privacy in the bathroom or any room for thatmatter, without distorting the amount of light that comes in. This can include windows that are set low enough for someone to crawl in. Such windows are often found in the kitchen, basement, and first-floor bedrooms. Frosted windows actually soften the light, while also cutting down on glare. This consequently makes them a good option for a nursery or baby’s room, as it prevents the sun from direct contact with the child’s eyes.

  • Modernize the rooms

Families who have just acquired their first home tend to decorate their living rooms in neutral colors. This is so as neutral colored furniture seems to be more abundant and relatively cheap. Unfortunately, it is believed that the use of neutral colors gives an overall washed-out feeling to the room. Throw pillows, small rug, and other such inexpensive accessories can be used to add a splash of color to the room. A brightly colored window tint will go a long way in tying the room together, giving it a truly new feel.

Living rooms that are decorated in lighter and neutral colors take an entirely different glow if home window tint Spring TX is chosen.

by: Pilar